Light duration for allium seedlings

josko021January 31, 2010

I sowed my allium seeds (onions, leeks, shallots, scallions) indoors with lights set to 16 hrs/day. Is there a recommended light-on duration for allium flats because of their sensitivity to daylight duration? I'd hate to throw the seedlings off some kind of light schedule with the indoor growing lights.

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Count me in on this question too. I was reading in the allium forum that there are long day and short day onions. I'm planting white bunching onions tomorrow, and was wondering.

Josko, what did you use to seed them? Trays? Cells?


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I asked how much light on mine in the garden forum and digdirt (Dave) told me 12 hrs min. and 16hrs max. I would ask him as he seems know onions well. Go over to the garden forum and follow that question.

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Kim, I sowed mine in 18" x 18" by 4"(deep) wooden flats. with 1" spacing between seeds. It looks like germination is better than 85%.

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