Has anyone seen this pest ant in Louisiana or Mississipi?

asj2004(z5 NJ)August 6, 2004


I'm trying to figure out where this ant pest is located. It has many common names including the 'Cut ant' or 'leaf cutter ant' or 'parasol ant' or town ant'.


This type of ants strips the leaves from plants and trees. Does anyone here seen this ant where you are from? I just need the county in Louisiana, the town if possible.

You can email me at kalim1998 (at) yahoo.com, or just reply to this post...


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Linda_e(SW LA z8b)

Yes, we have those "Texas Leaf Cutter Ants" here in southwest and centeral Louisiana. As a matter of fact, both my husband and I are certified to treat them for Boise, the local timber company we do most of our contract work for. We live in Beauregard Parish, but treat pine plantations all over Beauregard and Vernon Parishes. We've had them in Beauregard Parish ever since I can remember, but I have no idea where they come from.

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asj2004(z5 NJ)

Thanks for the response! Do you know whether it is in other parishes? I added the current distribution of the pest ant to this post. Thanks again....I maintain a site dedicated to this critters at http://www.blueboard.com/leafcutters/

...and i am always appreciative of any new info.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Linda_e(SW LA z8b)

I believe they're also active in DeSoto and Jefferson Davis Parishes, but can't be certain. They do seem to prefer the sandy soils in Beauregard and Vernon Parishes, but we have also machine planted pine plantations in DeSoto Parish and I'm pretty sure I've heard some of the foresters talk about problems with them. I'll check with one of the foresters we work with and let you know.

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