Myrle's Hosta arrived

almosthookedJune 17, 2014

Myrle's hosta arrived and all in wonderful condition after a week or 10 days on the road . I watered the roots and re wrapped them in paper towels and was wondering what to do now? Do I just heel them into a temporary place in my garden for a week she will be gone or what is the best temporary thing to do? I could always plant them into pots. Do I spread the roots out as if it were to stay here or what would be the best procedure to go to keep them as healthy as they came? HELP!!!!

Mine came too but I never unwrapped them yet until I deal with her plants. What an exciting time. Is possession 9/10ths of the law?

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Wow, those are nice and big! Whose the shipper, if you don't mind my asking?

If it were me, I'd soak the roots for a little while and then pot them up. Easiest for everyone and will make happy plants. They are real beauts!

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Great size plants. Enjoy them.

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They are all beautiful plants and the root system is huge on each hosta she got. I take it mine will be the same when I finally open my box full too. They all came from Hosta Choice in Ontario , Canada and they were sent by Canada post but he wraps them all in wet paper towel, and in plastic bags and then wrapped in damp newspaper in the cardboard box. Nothing is bent or broken and wonderfully packed. She will be very happy when she gets home . Funthesun, I will soak them , find my pots and plant them . Then when she arrives home there is no rush for her to get them into the ground. Thanks and off I go!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Faye, the only other additional thing I would add is this...if any petioles seem to be 'floppy' or limp I would "Ken" them up with tape also. They need a good long soak in water, IMO before potting as they are all substantial in size and need to take up water ASAP.

By the way, you and Myrle are so fortunate to have your orders filled. Apparently Glenn lost a lot of hostas to the brutal winter. These look so great. I may just bite the bullet one of these days and try mail order, even if just once, for the experience.

Happy Planting! :-). Introductions coming via pics once they are settled, yes, please? Goody!

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I maybe jumped the gun but soaked them a couple hours and potted them. I see a couple that I will use the Ken tape method but the others are upright and straight.
Yes he has had his troubles this year , first in January , had a heart attack , plants froze and his dad passed away a couple weeks ago and still running a business. You living in Ontario, Jo it would be easy to place an order and not such a wait. I have about 4 or 5 he had froze so will be getting the balance of my order in July some time or if I wanted a refund but I will wait because it is Bridal Falls .Regal Supreme and a few others and I want them. Green Acres was a total loss so may have to chose another as his display is too big to lift or divide .

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Myrle is blessed with a wonderful neighbour!

We are on tornado watch/warning, as are areas where Vanessa lives, Paula, basically southern Ontario till around 10 pm. Hail size of balls predicted. I hope we've missed it...had lots of rain, lightning but calm again. There were about 30 houses totalled in Angus which is about 15-20 minutes south of us. People arriving at hospital - daughter works in emerg.

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hostatakeover z6a swMO

Oh, that just-arrived look ~ all wrapped up, leaves not quite uncrinkled from the trip but beginning to unfold, drinking in the new texture/color/form, imagining what it'll look like in the spot you've picked out JUST for this new arrival. *sigh*

Always makes my heart skip a couple beats.

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