Greasy Beans

drloydFebruary 22, 2010

Greasy beans lack the fine hairs that other bean pods have. The result is that they are said to look oily.

I have never grown a greasy bean but would like to try one this year. The description of "Greasy Cutshort" sounds similar to "Tennessee Cutshort" and is one possibility. Anyone have any other ideas? - Dick

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Thank you so much for that bit of info. I've been reading a lot on this forum and I couldn't figure out what in the world they were talking about when they mentioned greasy beans. I mean it didn't sound like anything I wanted to grow. Now it does. like bubble and squeak, or spotted dick, greasy beans just didn't sound good. thank you..steve

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Greasy Cutshort could be similar. Most cutshorts, however, actually have their seeds more closely packed in the pod than does Tennessee Cutshort. Take a gander at Sustainable Mountain Agriculture's greasy beans. They post pictures.

We really like Greasy beans, though they are not part of our own family's heritage. I grow Long Cut Old Timey Greasy, which is a mixture of greasy beans from near Asheville , NC. Some are "greasier" (read "shinier") than others, but every bean in that mixture is a good one.

Greasy beans, like so many Appalachian heirlooms, are tender podded with strings. They can be strung and enjoyed when a normal snap bean would be too tough. The ones I've tried are all good ALL PURPOSE beans. They are excellent snaps. They're easy to shell for shell beans, and they produce a LOT of dry seed.

I did discover, however, that Long Cut Old Timey Greasy is quite promiscuous. It crosses very easily with other beans. I actually had a "Tennessee Cutshort Greasy" crop up last summer. I set the seed aside and now can't find it. But I made a mental note to plant this mix far away from my other beans.

Tahlequah, OK

Here is a link that might be useful: Sustainable Mnt Agriculture Beans

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Here's a link to a discussion in which some similar kinds of beans were discussed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beans for Oklahoma

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Here's a link to the absolute best discussion I've ever seen on Greasy beans and their origins.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Slippery Question

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He Steve,

I know what you mean. I live a long way from the home areas of these beans and the term greasy sounded strange to me when I first heard it. - Dick.

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Hi George,

I was hoping you would see this thread. Thank you for the links. I sometimes read over Bill Best's material and look at the pictures. One minor failing with his excellent site is that he does not list days to maturity. Your Tennessee Cutshort is about the latest I can grow and still save seed. I can grow beans that need a 2-3 week longer season if I start them in peat pots.

If the "Tennessee Greasy Cutshort" seed turns up, please let me know. That sounds like a winner. I did notice that the Tennessee Cutshort seeds were not as cut short as some.

I am tempted to make an SSE request for your Long Cut Old Timey Greasy but I would not be able to get it far enough away from the many other beans that I save seed from. Still, it would be fun to see if there could be a Goose Greasy, or a Fortex Greasy, or a Brita's Food Long Greasy! I can see Tennessee Cutshort Greasy as a favorite if it would stabilize.

Threads like this remind me of Gardenlad.

Question for you: When you prepare beans like Tennessee Cutshort that have strings, do you string them before you cook them or at the table? - Dick

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