T8 Bulbs for Lettuce, Kale & Spinach

Peaceful_Warrior(7B GA)January 7, 2012

Can someone tell me the cheapest T8 Bulb to use to grow Lettuce, Kale & Spinach indoors? I'd also like to start my seedlings indoors under the same lights as I do not have a south facing window.

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penfold2(4b, MN)

I prefer to use 6500K (daylight) bulbs, but they can be hard to find locally. Cool whites will probably work just as well, and are available everywhere.

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Peaceful_Warrior(7B GA)

Thanks Penfold. I'm thinking of building a 4' long 7" wide wood grow box. I will put 3 of those on a 4' x 2' self & have the light above. Do you think I could get away with growing the full crop of lettuce, kale & spinach under 4 6500K bulbs (attached to 2 shop lights)? Would that provide enough light for them?

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penfold2(4b, MN)

T8's should really be placed quite close to the plants, or the light level drops off quickly. I would probably use one fixture for each grow box so that you have light directly over each plant. You could also hang reflective mylar along the sides for a slight boost.

You could always try 2 fixtures and add another later if necessary, but I think a third fixture will help a lot.

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