Start seedlings inside or in outside shed

minal(6)January 17, 2008


I live in Buffalo, NY and am about to start my seedlings under lights. I was planning to start them in a shed outside just with artificial lighting and a heatpad, but was worried about the outside temperature and that there will no natural light in the shed. My question is should I start the seeds outside or indoors where they can also get natural light and its a little warmer inside. I have an extra guest bedroom, so space is no issue inside. My only worry was my I was thinking of starting outside in the storage shed.

Any comments and suggestions will be useful.



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An unheated shed in Buffalo would be too cold for seedlings.

My setup is located in my unheated basement which contains no natural light. Room temperature stay around 50-55 degrees and soil temperatures directly under the light fixtures are around 70 degrees. Try to keep the lights 1-2" inches from the tops of the seedlings. My lights are on for 16 hours per day.



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