hardy geraniums for the south

luvs2plantz8(z8 LA)September 22, 2004

i have admired the hardy geraniums i have seen online and in books and was wondering if any would do well in the hot humid south? anybody have any luck with any certain type?


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I think it's possible, but I haven't found any. Same with erodiums, a close relative. We have a native rather weedy geranium with tiny little flowers, and I have thought it would be interesting to try to cross it with one of the larger flowered ones, but so far I haven't found one I could keep long enough (assuming I'd get around to it if I did! I have a real shortage of 'round tuits'). Some days I think, there are so many plants that do so well here, why torture plants that don't? and some days I want to expand the limits of what we can all grow.

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I've have a begonia that is grown for its leaf rather than flower (large deep green with a burgundy under-leaf .. small pink flat flowers) and it has lived outdoors for me for several years now. Its in deep shade and plant the roots very near the surface. I do run out and throw a sheet over it if a frost is expected. And I'm talking of my place here in New Orleans z9 so if you are in z8 ..... ? Why not overwinter a few cuttings inside?
Oh I do know the fancy flowered types simply melt this far south in the summer. Or atleast they all have for me.

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live_oak_lady(Zone 9)

No, bigeasyjock---Geraniums.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

As far as begonias go, I understand lots of gardeners in the Mobile area grow them as 'die-back' perennials; I have some i've kept outside for some years. When we get an unusual amount of cold they can be very late at coming back tho'.

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Opps! Guess I had begonias on my mind that day :)

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