my Boxwood needs help

sdogwood(9)September 13, 2004

Hello, thought I'd ask the experienced folks about my shrubs. My old North facing boxwood needs help. Hubby says cut it back anytime of the year but I'm not sure about this. When do I prune and how? Thanks in advance.

hope this photo works

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You don't want to have new fresh growth going into winter so stop cutting soon (or now). Also tell the hubby to reach into the plant with hand prunners and cut back branches within the bush. This allows light and air to enter the cavity of the bush and allow new branches to grow. If you continue to "hedge" a plant (any plant) with hedge prunners after while all you will have is growth right at the tips (the outer edge) of the bush and when a section browns up and dies (and it happens) you will have no growth within the plant to take the dead spots place.
Hope that made sense. :)

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