hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)January 11, 2013

I haven't grown under lights for a few years. I was thinking about something...brainstorming, really.

If you are growing tall plants, to where the light levels at the bottom leaves is CONSIDERABLY lower than at the top, is there any benefit (or has anyone ever tried) to SIDE MOUNTING some additional light...maybe if you have a 400 or 1000 W HID fixture overhead, and, maybe just on two sides of the grow area, putting some T5s at a 90 degree angle to provide extra light down lower?

Would there be a benefit to doing so that would be worthwhile? Has anyone tried this?

Reflective white/mylar can only do so much if the light hitting the surface of the mylar is already weak.

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Yes, I think a lot of people do some "accent" lighting around the plant with some cheapo cfl lights but I am sure you could use t-5's or HIDs

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Thank for reply "NonCricNick" but My friend prefer to go with HID because T5s produce no heat, but you'll get better growth from an HID. Is it better to use?

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