Growing Freesia in MS

MichelleMartin(8Mississippi)September 3, 2006

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck growing freesia in MS. I bought some last summer and nothing happened. Through the winter, nothing happened. And right now, they are growing their long leaves. No blooms yet, and I don't really know what to expect from them. Will they bloom right now? I read that they are supposed to bloom early summer, well, this is the last of summer, and I'm confused,lol. Any tips or advice someone could give to me? I appreciate the help!!


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Mine aren't growing leaves yet. I think I read somewhere they are winter-bloomers here-- at least the ones most of us think of when we think of freesias. There is a freesia that does really well here, that used to be Anomatheca. Freesia's an easier name! It blooms for a really long time in late winter and early spring. I just planted the more usual freesias last fall, I think, and they bloomed nicely last winter, and went dormant, and that's all I know!

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LOL, greenelbows, thanks so much for the reply and info! I'll look up some more info in google and see what I come up with.That's good to know that maybe these I have will bloom this winter/spring, that's neat! I just didn't know what to expect form these being my first ones. I'll also look up that Anomatheca...yes, Freesie is MUCH easier to say, lol!

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I bought some bulbs two years ago from Lowes. I planted them in pots because I could't figure out where to put them. THe result? they have done well. Mine have bloomed around Feb - Mar while its still cool. Currently, they are sprouting new greenery although I don't remember ever having flowers in the fall. They seem to be a pretty hardy plant as they were in my garage during Katrina and were submerged in salt water BUT they still came back with flying colors-- one of the few plants that did!!!!

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I grow them here on the coast of Louisiana. You have to plant them now and they will bloom Feb.-May. When you see them at walmart or lowes its time to plant them. They don't all return the next year , maybe one-third do ,so I plant some every fall. Love them.

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