Bicycle Commuting. Does anyone here do it?

denninmi(8a)February 4, 2013

Hi! I actually wanted to start a topic that has nothing to do with mental health. Really! ;-)

So, I bought an e-bike today, a 2013 Predeco Outlaw mountain bike. Battery powered, recharges in 4 hours, range is said to be up to 20 miles at an average speed of 20 mph... top speed is 28 mph.

I intend to use this in the spring to commute to work part of the time, saving gas and just generally making the entire experience more pleasant. I have great, continuous paved safety paths for almost the entire route, so that is a big plus. I will also be able to leave a change of clothes at the office, and recharge the bike there in the day. Finally, if I really need to, I can clean up, shower, and change at the local branch of my gym, less than 2 miles from my office.

I wondered if anyone else has done this, and how they feel about it both in terms of enjoyment and in terms of social responsibility -- it seems to me a much more "green" way to commute. The Chinese do it by the millions, but of course, as cars become more available to average Chinese, they are abandoning bikes, and air quality, at a rapid pace.

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I used to bike to work back in the 1970's-80's (when I could do it in city traffic without being killed). By the 90's it was too dang dangerous, had a few close calls, too close.

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Well no I don't but it has become very popular here in the city by the lake. They just created a new bike path across one of our historical bridges (Carnegie). To show you how many people commute this way, check out the link, not only can you "park your bike", but there are showers available.

Here is a link that might be useful: Source

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

With the expansion of our light-rail system through L.A.'s Westside, bicycle lanes are being expanded/implemented for cycling to the Metro stations.

Santa Monica is also improving its bicycle lanes -- now in green!

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Most people here are a bedroom community to the main city, 25 miles each way would not be practical. The city traffic is fearful, I wont even drive there!

However, biking here as sport or recreation, especially mountain trails for sport, is huge. We also have a lot of well maintained greenbelt paths, especially surrounding rivers and streams interweaving these areas also in all living areas for walking/running and they are creating new paths for biking everywhere. I really dont know if biking to work is big for those who live in the city but I would guess that odds are it is since biking is so big a sport, generally.

It is astounding to see competitive bikers going up long, sharp mountainous inclines. The men and women are so almost freakishly fit with absolutely no body fat at all, skin, bones, sinewy muscle. They will either find such a constant body condition to be a health detriment or they will live to the age of 200!

Even people, both sexes, clearly 50+ age group are a surprising percentage of the extreme bikers in this area.

Of course great for the air quality while cutting back on fossil fuel consumption but it would, I think, take a reworking of location to work/ home readjustment all across the nation to make it more the norm than the exception.

Enjoy the new bike!

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I periodically bike to commute and love it. In bad weather I take public transport otherwise I walk or bike. I live in Manhattan and now that we have a bike path on 2nd Avenue it makes even easier. I recommend it highly. It's a great way to clear one's head at the end of the day.

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Years ago when I lived in Tucson I didn't own a car for about 10 years. I commuted 22 miles round trip every weekday regardless of the weather.

I still ride bike a lot; 5,000 miles in each of the last two years. But, if I were to commute it would at least double those yearly totals. And, I would have to pass some park areas that have been taken over by the homeless; not all of them nice folks...

I rode 50 miles each this past Saturday and Sunday (I REALLY need a nap this afternoon)...

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"I intend to use this in the spring to commute to work part of the time, saving gas and just generally making the entire experience more pleasant. "

Thank a deity that you didn't say that you wanted to start tomorrow. It's too dang cold for that. And I don't know if they make snow/ice tires for those things.

"I wondered if anyone else has done this, and how they feel about it both in terms of enjoyment and in terms of social responsibility..."

It would be extremely difficult in my area due to no bike paths, or bike paths that are recreational only and lead to no place of consequence. On the twisty, hilly, unlit roads you're lucky if there's a shoulder to squeeze on to, or that you can see if it happens to be dark when you leave.

So, no I haven't.

If you have the extra time to devote to a longer commute, that's a plus.

The bike sounds cool and has a power assist for steep hills or if you just get plain old tired. That you have a place to shower for those hot days so you don't have to look (and smell) like you've been living on the streets for 3 weeks, is a another good thing. :-)

Go for it!

Let us know how it works out and what you think.

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Never used one for a commute but we do ride. Lots of trails around here, bunch of rails to trails. I use a Trek, the wife has a Jamon both of which are 21 speed hybrids. We use a recumbent during the winter. Wife goes 10 miles per day, I do about 1 for now but will have to kick that up soon. Our first ride this year will be a 20 miler. By the way, I think biking is a great sport for those with a lot on their mind, great therapy mentally & physically.

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My daughter and SIL do in the good weather. My son is the bike nut. He goes on 100 miles rides all the time ,and every vacation he and ten other guys rent a great house somewhere and ride for a week. Next summer it's northern California. He's a ranked mountain biker and also road biker. One of his bikes cost $9000, and he has quite a few. I can lift one with my finger, it's that light.

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I no longer do but I did for 10 years, 14 miles one way, human powered, we had a locker room at work. Impossible to be angry or sad after that. I can't speak to non-human powered cycling, but I imagine not as thrilling or conducive to dopamine production.

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I enjoy riding................but not to work. Value my life too much. If I ride I carry bike to park and ride.

My brother rides around Lake Okeechobee and competes in a couple of races in Orlando but I'm not that ambitious.

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I would like to, but living so far out in the boonies has its negative points, too... everything is too far for a simple bicycle ride. A car is sort of a necessity.

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Hey, thanks for all of the responses.

Ohiomom -- what Cleveland did is very impressive. Nice to see that they were willing to devote funds to something like that.

Lionheart, actually, winter biking is a growing trend. They do have things like studded snow tires. I bought a Surly Pugsley snow and sand bike this fall, with 3.75 wide snow tires. It's fun, but I have to admit, it takes a certain mindset to go out in arctic temps and snow to ride. I've put on about 200 miles in 2 months, whereas I was putting on about 150 miles, on average, per week on my Specialized back in the fall.

huachuma -- 50 miles each weekend day in February. I am so envious. I would love to be able to do that in Feb. here in Michigan. Of course, you probably can't XC ski or snowshoe there. Which is, frankly, a poor trade off for warm temps and open trail under my wheels.

mylab123, I really admire the physique of the hardcore bikers I've met in the past months. I'm getting there ... slowly. It's hard work.

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Waiting room at Optometrist had interesting issue of Bicycling - Jan/Feb 2013 that may be helpful for you. BTW, the colder it gets and the more snow, the more likely I'll be on the MTB. Daughter starting to get there too.

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