Thank you for the bean trellis direction, Zeedman

guavalaneFebruary 1, 2011

With the record rain in Dec. and warm days in Jan. volunteer beans are pretty tall already. Teepees didn't do very well in this small garden last year, so we wanted to try trellis. I have saved Zeedman's trellis direction and decided to follow it. The direction is very easy to follow and only took us a couple of hours to set it up. The total cost is less than $25.00. I think it looks very handsome. :)

Now I'm off to start some seedlings in peat pots in hope for an early start. And, I'll remember to do SUCCESSIVE plantings! Do you think to start a new row every 6 weeks, for snap, is about right?


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

You're very welcome, Penny; glad to be of help. :-) You took my design as a starting point, and made it your own. Nice indeed.

As nice as the trellis is, I'm more impressed by the massive hedge behind it. It looks like a green tsunami!

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I would like to have those directions if you don't mind. I grew some peas last year and they barely produced anything! I think one reason was very poor trellising, as well as making the mistake of moving them once they did grow some. So this year I am determined to grow my favorite veggie!

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I attached the link below. It's a very nice read with great photos, and you'll find Zeedman's directions posted on Sept. 8.

Here is the cost in detail:
7 ft T post $5.55 x 3 = $16.65
1 1/4 PVC40 $2.72 x 1 = $2.72
1 1/2 elbow $0.33 x 2 = $0.66
1 1/2 tee $0.98. x 1 = $0.98
Bushings $0.98 x 4 = $3.92
1/2 PVC40 (left over from a previous project)
Sisal rope (left over)

Total cost $24.93

I hope it helps.:)

Here is a link that might be useful: Zeedman's bean trellis directions

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