Texas Longhorn cowpeas

basil77(9)February 8, 2008

My husband recalls Texas Longhorn cowpeas from his childhood, and would like to find some. It is a conch type, bush variety with really long pods. Best he can remember, they had green pods about 15-18" long, with an off-white color pea. Does anyone have any they would like to trade? Or does anyone have any info on this pea?

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Found 2 descriptions of this variety in SSE 2007 yearbook (members only catalog), but it might help you find something that is similar or help with internet search.

Both listings state that they taste like boiled peanuts, but neither describe a light-colored bean. One thinks it might be another name for Big Red Ripper, as they are so similar; Lists original source as South Carolina Foundation Seed Assn in Clemson, SC

The other describes the variety as having 15 - 18 large peas in a 9 - 10 inch pod, and the peas as maroon with black eyes, and he got his seed from the guy who says they may be the same as Big Red Ripper.

Hope this helps in your search.


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shot(8 - GA)

This is an old post, but wanted to check and see if you found what you were looking for. If not, then I will offer more info.


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The Texas Longhorn Pea was a white pea that had a clear gravy when cooked similar to the Cream 40 pea of today. The grew up to 15 - 18 inch pods. They are available from some growers in south Georgia if they have extra seeds.

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Shot, I think I found something similar to what I was looking for. I would love to hear any info you may have though. About 2 yrs ago, my boss gave me some Tx Cowhorn Peas that her uncle gave her (who is from S. Ga). There is still some question as to whether or not they are the same peas he remembers from when he was a kid. So, any additional info would be great!

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We have texas longhorn pea seed that we save every year. clh4596@ymai.com

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