Bulk Manures

lagreenthumbSeptember 27, 2009


I'm new to the forum and look forward to participating. Been gardening quite awhile and enjoy it and usually produce a decent garden both spring and fall. I live in Central louisiana and have been searching for a source for bulk manures,compost ect, for quite some time. We used to have a chicken farm close but, no more and it has become difficult to locate anything in bulk quantities. Anyone in Cenla have a good source?

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Good question. I also like to know a good source in Baton Rouge. All I could find in bulk quantity are garden soils from Clegg's and Woener.

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Cleggs is the only place I know in BatonRouge. Gardening is popular in my area, but you would not know it by what is availiable. I did pass a place in Forest Hill the other day called Natures Best soils but have not found a contact number yet. They may only sell to the nursuries. Will post when I find out. 3 years ago Lowes was overstocked on manure and peat humis and had a clearance sale. I got a 2400lb pallet of cow manure for $20.00 and got one for a friend too. I wish I would have bought more and have not seen a sale like that again. I will be planting Mustard Greens this morning, then some Clover cover crops for the Winter for a nitrogen trap crop. I had to order last year from California, Sulfate of Potash, which was not availiable here. It is a hassle when no one sells organic supplies.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Vegeburger, have you checked with Harb's Oasis?

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I may know of someone looking for someone to pick up quail manure, about 12 wheelbarrow loads a month. They are located in Denham Springs, just east of Baton Rouge. If that isn't too far a drive, I can send you their email.

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Hello Cameltoe,
I'm sure someone would be interested.I used to live in Denham Springs until Katrina. It's a good 21/2 to 3 hr drive for me but feel free to send that email and I will check into the details. Thanks

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