Tips for a newbie?

gr8heather(6b)January 13, 2013

For Christmas, my husband bought me 2 mini greenhouses with small, 24" T5 17W 6400K bulbs. I am really enjoying these, I've stared to grow some herbs, and have put my rooted rose bushes under one, and they are have really helped my plants.

The problem is, the domes of the greenhouses only allow my plants to get so big, and I'd like to get an efficient set up that doesn't include a dome. This is my first year trying grow lights, any pointers on how to get a nice set up for an inexpensive price? I would only need a small setup.

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Hi Heather,

Well, I don't know how large you want to grow your plants inside. In any case, the domes should have been removed after seed germination; or in the case of cuttings, after the cuttings have rooted.

The plants need good air circulation (a small fan on a timer is often used). Failure to remove the domes usually results in the soil (and plants) staying too wet. That often leads to damp-off, root rot, or other fungus problems. Domes and soil heaters are just for germination or rooting; they are not meant to be used for growing on.


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Thanks for reply.
It's an informative reply for us. I can apply in future.

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