Any gardeners in the McComb/Tylertown area?

deep_south_gardener(z9b)September 2, 2009

Hey ya'll. Looks like we'll be gardening is MS this coming

spring and summer. The McComb/Tylertown area.

That said, are there veggies and or

flowers and trees that I just shouldn't waste my time

trying to grow? I guess my biggest challenge will

be four legged critters. My only battle here are

neighborhood cats. They don't eat anything just

leave little packages that no one wants. LOL

Also, how high of a fence do I need to keep out

deer? Can I plant corn or something else they like

in another area of the property to try to temp

them away from my veggies and flowers?

Thanks for the help.


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Hi Brenda, I don't have deer so can't give you advice about that. My mom has trouble with bunnies, she's in Stone County. I used to have bunnies eating some stuff in St. Bernard, and they usually liked new fresh growth, so I would put a little wire fencing around new things until they got more established.
The one thing I would say would be different for you in Tylertown would be the tropicals that we grew so easily in zone 9b. You'll be zone 8 which is a lovely zone, but you will be much more likely to have freezes and get in the 20's sometimes. So you might lose tropical hibiscus, mandevilla, coleus, and the like. Not sure about citrus, which I can't grow in Tupelo area, but you might be successful with Satsuma, I believe is the most cold hardy. So it is a pain to have to move pots in the winter, be prepared for more of that, have pots that are lighter in weight, or on casters, and a place to put them, if you do any containers. Also, you can take cuttings, for example, of coleus, which I do and it overwinters in my unheated, but attached garage. I also take cuttings of sweet potato vine and bring in my begonias in pots. That's the main difference I found in moving north, was the colder temps, which is really cold up here. Hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I always say "We are up here above the Mason-Dixon line (Meridian I say is the line between north and south)!".

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