Another Hurricane in the Making?

live_oak_lady(Zone 9)September 4, 2004

I see another disturbance out there. My meteorologist husband says that this is the one that is going to come into the Gulf. So, start looking around your yard and thinking what you want to put away, make cuttings from etc.

The poor Florida people--the tension must be awful, not to mention what they'll find and not find when they get back home.

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nanadeb1(z9 S.LA)

Guess that's why I've been in the yard all day, potting seedlings and taking cuttings...No offense, but I sure do hope your hubby is wrong on this one coming into the gulf.

I don't want to wish it on anyone else, so maybe it will just head east out to the open waters.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I've never been a fan of the 'just go blow somewhere else' philosophy either. Wish we could figure a way to get a couple inches of rain without anyone getting damaged though! I've been watching the devastation in Florida with such sorrow--people's lives, and the beautiful tropical plants that had been so lovingly cared for, and pets---

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I think he's right the way looks we may get it.Been awhile sent's we have had one.good luck Jim

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janet_la(z8b Louisiana)

What is your meteorologist husband saying now? They keep shifting the track, and at the same time they're saying it's highly uncertain after 3 days. I hate to think of it hitting Florida, but I sure don't want it here either!

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live_oak_lady(Zone 9)

He says "stay alert."

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janet_la(z8b Louisiana)

It's getting waaayyy too close for comfort!

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