Pruning for dummies

pfairley(msusa)September 25, 2007

I have bought many books on how to prune, but when it comes to actually pruning many different plants, trees, bushes, then it is each different. I have fruit trees, citrus trees, pecan trees and a kumquat tree (very large)among many other, about 14 acres worth. I have hand planted each one so I am kinda partial to each one.

I know they need it, but I am very afraid to cut anything other than crossing limbs or dyeing branches.

My question, it there an "extremely" simple book out there that explains in details and pictures of how and when to prune or care for specific species of plants so I dont have to buy 100 more books.

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I just did a google search and came up with lots of sites that show and discuss pruning. I would start there, it's free. Also your county extension office can possibly help. Just remember one thing, lots of trees grow unattended and don't necessarily need pruning. Always prune with a reason in mind. I am not an expert but have always had success with pruning with a plan. If there is a crossing, errant, or broken branch, you can prune it. Prune it to where it meets the main trunk or a main branch. If you lop it off halfway, it will branch out from there. If you prune at the wrong time you can remove the buds for the next year and have no flowers or fruit. Pruning doesn't necessarily have to be done every year. And young trees often don't need to be pruned. So I would suggest starting with the internet, just ask for pruning in general, and then ask about specific plants. Some that are very large may need to be done professionally. Good luck with this.

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