evergreen vine - fast growing - for south la.

rhapsdy(z8-9, La.)October 1, 2008

My husband and I just bought a house and while we have nice tall fence on both sides of the yard, the back has an unattractive chain link fence and we can see into the neighbors yard and there is just no privacy. Since there is so much work to be done in the house we have to put the back fence we would like to build on hold. In the meantime I would like to put some inexpensive (but good looking) trellises along the back of the yard and grow an evergreen, fast growing vine.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The area gets sun in the mornings and more dappled sun throughout the day.

Thanks for any and all help! :)

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Certain ivies, passionflower (passiflora), and jasmine (white flowers) or carolina jessamine (yellow flowers) come to mind. If you do a mail order from a nursery, you can find out if it's evergreen and particularly in your zone, and what kinds they have, or if you buy locally, your nurseryman could tell you. The jasmines and carolina jessamines are usually easy to find like at Lowe's or Home Depot, or definitely at a good local nursery/garden center.
You will probably not need a trellis, it will just grow on the chain link fence.

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We moved into our new house almost a year ago and I planted Confederate jasmine all along our fence. You would not believe how fast it grows. No maintenance to speak of, and the small white flowers are fragrant and so delicate. I just intertwine mine through the fence and let it grow. The entire fence is full already. We've received a lot of compliments from guests who all want to know more about it.

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rhapsdy(z8-9, La.)

Thanks so much for your feedback! The main reason we need the trellis is becuase the chain link fence is too low - therefore we want to use a trellis in front of them that will allow the vines to grow higher and give us more privacy. :)

I will check into the Confederate Jasmine! It sounds like what I have been looking for! Is it evergreen in your area wodka?

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rhapsdy, yes, it's evergreen and pretty much maintenance free. I have a picture we took a few months ago. It's really hard to see, but you can see how it's growing on the back side of the fence.

One thing that happened to us. I bought my first batch of Confederate jasmine at a local nursery; then sent my husband out for more, and he bought the rest at Lowe's. They both said Confederate Jasmine, but the Lowe's is a lot thicker and faster growing. (The nursery's is pretty, and blends in, but definitely not as full.) So, if you decide, be sure and buy all of yours at the same place.

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