Grow your own tea

shelbyclay(8B)October 5, 2004

Does anyone here have any Camelia Sinensis varieties? It is supposed to grow well in the south (so I hear).

My wife and I are both interested in trying it.

There seem to be several different ways of processing it to make different varieties of tea.

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dannyboquet(z9 So Louisiana)

I am also interested in growing tea bushes. Raintree offers a couple of varieties. I was concerned about the difficulties involved in making black tea, as I much prefer it to green tea. I think I will order one of each variety anyhow, as they make nice ornamentals and I have a spot close to my house that would fit two plants. I don't know of anyone growing the bushes, but I know camelias grow well around here, if you acidify the soil some.

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You are correct about the black tea. Its fermented so ... ? I perfer the green so maybe I should try this for my self :)
Camellias grow great in Ms. Infact I have all sorts blooming as I write. I have .... oh dozen or so plants ... more? I don't have any of the C. japanica for some reason!?! Guess I'll put them on my list too.
I grow all sorts of herbs for teas; many different mints, pineapple sage, camomile. I have a bayleaf bush too that I was told makes a good tea. I'm thinking of trin' it sometime this winter. Seems like a strange one (bitter?)but I'll try anything ... once ;>
Please do post again if you go for the Camelia sinensis. I would be most interested in your results.

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I just found a web site saying that this link is the only know comerical tea produced in the U.S.

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