miniature garden indoors.

mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))January 27, 2014


what I have; 125Watt CFL bulb 6400k blue spectrum and reflector,

what I'd like advice on;

so I have a box that is 10" deep, 3ft wide abs 5ft long, I wound like to make my own mini garden, I would like to use either short grass or the chamomile lawn plants, I will be having a Bonsai tree as main plant, a walk way of dolomite stones also bulb/tuber/corm plants as long as not too big, tropical plants okay too as long as small but for other plants I would like advice on once that won't look out of place or too big, maybe blue carpet of snow like plant for a mock pond/waterfall

soil for the tub, I won't be adding holes in bottom, so I know I need a good layer of grit to stop roots sitting in water. but what else doin need and should I use like Charcol?

I do not want to make a cactus garden so please no cacti ideas.

I do not have garden so I can't do a big one!

is there anything I have missed?

thank you all

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))


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