Which legumes are you planting this year?

fliptx(Houston 9)March 23, 2007

So far I've planted...

Bush snap beans: Royal Burgundy (these are about to start blooming), Jumbo, Medinah, Jade, Supernano Marconi, Contender, Brittle Wax, Gold Mine.

Pole snap beans: Cornfield beans and Fortex.

When space opens up I'll plant some cowpeas and yardlong beans.

How about you?

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Turkey Craw poles beans. That's all for me. :-)

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johnml(z5 WI)

Bush beans : Masai, Roc D'or

Pole Beans: Emerite,Marco Polo, Neckargeld, Kwintus,Fortex

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Will be planting:

In April - Green Arrow and Lincoln peas. Also Sugar Ann sugar snap peas.

In May - Fortex, Rattlesnake and Blue Lake F7 pole beans. Also Sieva lime beans.

Might plant a row or 2 of snap beans in mid summer once space opens up for a fall crop.

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fliptx(Houston 9)

I wish I had more space to try some of the other beans listed here! I had one spot left for pole beans. It came down to a choice between Rattlesnake and Fortex, and I ended up getting Fortex in a trade before I got Rattlesnake, so that's what went in the ground. :)

I'm most excited about the Supernano and Jumbo beans I'm growing but I'm looking forward to all of them!

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no_regrets(SoCal Sunset 23)

Just bush beans so far: dragon tongue, Cherokee wax, tendergreen. I'm planning on another planting later this year, might try some different varieties then.

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fliptx(Houston 9)

Update: I've been having a crazy harvest. I've got one 4X4 bed and a couple of 18"X24" mini beds full of bush beans, two small areas for pole beans with about 12 or 14 plants total. I'm picking close to a pound of beans a day! I've blanched and frozen about five pounds so far.

Favorite bean so far: The Supernano Marconi. It was supposed to be a bush bean but it's semi-vining and about 3 feet tall with runners. They're really delicious.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

I have so many beans and peas to plant and I still want to get some tobacco worm beans....I have planted Kentucky Wonder poles...blue lake bush...contenders...and I have seeds that I just got for rattlesnake, Greasy Pod, Cornfield, white half runner...I also have cream peas and zipper peas planted and I have some pink eyes and some purple hulls yet to plant...

fliptx...I am going to plant some mayocoba beans as well...they are a fabulous bean. I have only eaten the dried ones but they are just out of this world good...A friend gave me the beans but I have since found out that they were just beans bought at the grocery store...I also have some anasazi beans that I want to plant...they cook so fast and are very sweet...

Can you tell I love beans...

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Peas - Telefono and Hursts greenshaft

Runner - Painted Lady

French beans - Tendergreen and climbing Blue Lake

Broad beans (favas) - Windsor longpod and Aquadulce

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fliptx(Houston 9)

Ruthie - if I ever get enough space to have the kind of garden I really want, I would love to plant beans for shelling and dry use. I love Anasazi beans! By the way did you get my reply to your email about Jumbo beans? I'd be happy to send you some.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

My email is so full of trash these days that I probably deleted it so the answer is no I didn't get your email...I would love to have some jumbo beans...How about you...do you want to trade for something...I have plenty of Rattlesnake, and the Mayocabo...I also have some new squash seed..the white and yellow patty pan and two different Italian squash's...

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fliptx(Houston 9)

I'm sending you some mail, Ruthie!

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Here's what I have planned for this year. Some have been planted while others will go in the ground later.

Bush Beans - Black Valentine, Blue Lake, October, Calypso
Pole Beans - Bird Egg #3, Mimbres, Black-seeded Yardlong
Runner Bean - Scarlet
Cowpeas - Santee Early Pinkeye, Whippoorwill, Lady
Lima - Dixie Speckled Butterpea

I may add to this list if I find some extra space.

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So Far;
Tobacco Worm Bean
NT half Runner
Lazy Wife Greasy
Pinkeye Purple Hull Pea
Some kind of black bean?
Maybe some Dade in the corn.
See what this forum has done to me.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Feb- Super Sugar, Sprint snap peas, a snow pea, Frog Island red fava beans.
May- poles- Grandma Roberts Purple Pole, Jeminez, Uncle Steve's, Tobacco Worm
bush- Contender, Yer Fasulaysi

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Blue Lake bush
Romano bush
Romano pole
Tendergreen pole
Purple bush
Asparagus yard long
Yellow wax

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I finally decided and got them planted!
Tobacco Worm Pole Bean- because of Gardenlad(They better be good! lol)
Trail of Tears Pole Bean - because of last fall's 'Heirloom Gardener' mag.
Borlotto Lamon Pole Bean -because I love cranberry beans
Brown Crowder Cowpeas - got them in a trade and what the heck : )

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bella_trix(z6b SE PA)

I just don't have enough room! But so far...

April 2
Sugar Snap Peas
April 23
Tobacco Worm Pole Bean
Uncle Steve's Pole Bean
Blue Lake Pole Bean
May 4
Hidatsa Shield Figure Pole Bean
Painted Lady Runner Bean
May 13
Purple Podded Pole Bean
Marble Anellino Strotino di Trento (shrimp) Pole Bean
I'm still trying to find a place for Hutterite Soup bush bean and have almost decided that NT half runners and French Green Lentils will just have to wait until next year.
That's an awful lot of beans for one person :). But I plan on freezing and my friend has offered to help me can tomatoes if I keep her and her husband supplied in beans. Seems like a good trade!


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jimster(z7a MA)

So far I have planted:

Soissons Vert - pole type flageolet given to me by a kind member of this forum.

Pink Eye Purple Hull - Southern pea.

Burro D' Ingegnoli - bush wax bean, not the pole bean prized by members of this forum, but with a similar name and with an irresistable catalog description.

White Willow Leaf - pole lima.

Scarlet Runner will be planted when I finish clearing the garden fence.

If I find space for one more, it will be a green snap bean. My space is limited and, since I want to save seed, I have to be careful about isolation distances. I have two separate small plots, which helps. But one is in a community garden with many beans in close proximity.


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In order of date of planting:

Oregon Sugar Pod
Mammoth Melting
Thomas Laxton

Pole Beans
Garafel Oro
Ma Williams
Tobacco Worm
Christmas Lima
Dow Gauk, a red seeded yardlong with a white tip
Red seeded yardlong, all red
Blue Lake
Roma II
Lynches Butter Bean

Pink Eye Purple Hull
Mississippi Silver
White Whipporwill

Bush Beans
Calypso (Yin Yang)
Purple Queen
Hendersons Lima

Most of these are on advice of GWs here and several
are thanks to some very generous GWs sending me seed,
thanks guys! I'm hoping I'll be able to reproduce seed
of certain heirlooms via bagging some branches. I'm also
hoping to reproduce a heirloom okra.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Man, I envy you folks who have room for lots of beans. What a nice list, happyday!


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Thanks, Jim! But I dont have alot of room, all that is crammed into 835 square feet including the paths. Each row is 5 feet on center, each variety in a block about 5x5 feet, 4 varieties per row. I wish I had enough room to propagate heirlooms by isolation distance instead of bagging, but that will have to wait till I can find a small acreage.
Also have 400 square feet planted in turnips and radishes, havent planted the Eastham turnips yet, but will do so very soon. Looking forward to trying them.

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vtguitargirl(Z4b VT)

Sugar Snap Peas (1st time)
Jacob's Cattle dry bush beans (1st time)

Scarlet Runner beans *if* I can put together another raised bed w/string or netting reaching up to the deck above (also 1st time)

Tall Telephone Peas *if* I find the seeds in time for a fall crop - tried them last year & they were a big hit!

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fliptx(Houston 9)

I just harvested the last few dried pods of cornfield beans for seed. Thanks to a member of this site for letting me try those out. I'm a big fan now. They made great snaps and great shellies.

I'm still getting some Medinah and Fortex beans. I really like the Fortex, and the Medinah are good if you pick them really young. They were a bit tough for me, although maybe that was just my growing conditions.

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Correction, Lynches Butter bean is actually a Loudermilk Lima.
Very pretty looking bean.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

I have held off listing this year's varieties, since tractor failure (early) & sustained wet weather (late) have prevented me from planting them all yet. But I have started most of those remaining in Jiffy strips, so I won't lose too much ground - unless the heavy rains continue.

Keep in mind that I am a preservationist & amateur researcher... don't try this at home. ;-)

Bert Goodwin (pole dry / shelly)
Bird Egg #3 (pole snap / very large shelly)
Cranberry, True Red (pole dry / shelly)
Durango (unknown, from a GW swap)
Fortex (pole snap)
*Garafal Oro (pole Romano snap)
Jembo Polish (pole snap / shelly)
Light Brown Zebra (bush dry)
PI 281987 (foreign, similar to the Cranberry)
PI 507984 > (unknown, large-seeded, from foreign source)
*Pole 191 (pole snap)
Serbian Yellow (pole wax from GW swap)
Tisa (another pole wax from GW swap)
* I will grow whichever germinates most poorly

21 Peas (pole type); Bush Sitao Var. BS-3 & CES-18-6 (both from Philippines)


Brown Popping (the PI 374085 mentioned by Carol Deppe); PI 315810 (green); PI 359944 (red)

1880's Butterbean (pole); Cave Dweller Black (bush)

Dunn (dry); Golderbse (dry); Mesa (green pea); Nadja (dry); Preboharty (dry); Purple Pod Parsley (green pea); Sandy (snow pea); Sugar Lace (snap pea)

-Runner beans
"Wright's Korean" (from GW swap)

25 varieties, most from NSRL (thanks Jimster), USDA, and the collection of the late Robert Lobitz

***********Asian beans

Red & White

Green gram (mung):
Unknown (from Asian market); PI 374124 & PI 376925 (both from Philippines)

Black Seed; Chinese Red Noodle; *Long White Snake; Galante & Sierra Madre (both from Philippines)
(*) = attempting to rescue, seed sent may be dead

Winged Bean (day neutral)

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

Wright's Korean
If your referring to the Beans I sent you and macmex I do not believe they are Korean. My wife is Korean and I got them from an older Korean,now deceased 19 years ago. He had gotten them from an older friend 25 years prior who alledgedly got them in China. I'm not sure it was Taiwan or Mainland. My wife recalled eating them or something similar, as a child in Korea. She is now 68 years of age.

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iacche(z6 Eastern PA)

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
Kentucky Blue Pole Beans
Amish Knuttle Beans (climbing on cornstalks)
Kenearly Yellow Eye
Andrew Kent
Brown Dutch

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Help out a novice! I planted black beans for the first time but I don't know when they are ready to be picked. Do you leave them on the vine to dry? When do you shell them? Any help is appreciated!

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I have a question. What is the difference between a snap pea, snap bean, regular peas and beans, snow pea, etc.

I am looking to grow something on a vine, not a bush, that I can eat raw and is sweet. Can't I take a snow pea, let it get fat and wouldn't that be good or not?

Can someone tell/show me the difference? Or point me to a website (I tried googling, but it didn't help much).

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Ok, here's the list, finally!

Cherokee Trail of Tears
Chinese Red Noodle
Kentucky Wonder

Burpee Stringless Green
Kinghorn Wax
Cherokee Wax
Royalty Purple

I might try and sneak in Pencil Podded black wax.

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Burpee's french filet (Triumph de Farcy) bush beans.

That's it for now-- my first year planting beans and I didn't know how it would go. They almost all germinated (I directly sowed them into a sunny area) and they're about 2 feet tall now, so it looks like the experiment is working.

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I snuck in a few more!

Pencil Pod Yellow
Purple Queen
my mystery bush heirloom shelly beans

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