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wordwizJanuary 27, 2009

Starting in April or so, I plan on doing an experiment to see how the number of hours plants are under lights affects growth and production. The plants (Stiletz tomato - an early, determinate variety) will be grown in different chambers, two plants per chamber. One will get 14 hours of light per day, one 16 and one eighteen (if I can get more lights, I may add 12 hours per day also - studies already say that after 20 hours production decreases). They will be grown in hydroponics units (a 3-gallon kitty litter container!) so I can better control variables.

If anyone is interested in doing a comparison grow using different lights, please post here or e-mail me. My bulbs will be two 105-watt 5,000K CFL bulbs to cover a 3' sq. chamber. Not picky about what kind of nuits or ferts I use but if others want to play, I would hope we would all use the same type and amounts.

I have a rough draft of my scheme I can e-mail or post.


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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

I'm doing my own little growing experiment using red light.

I just threw up a post, which explains the plan:

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