what kind of fruit tree do i have growing in my yard?

riverwoman(Z8 MS GulfCoast)October 17, 2007

i have this (fruit?) tree that grows in my backyard and am a loss to tell what it is. at first i thought it was from the citris family but now upon closer inspection...it looks more like a tomato. i know this can not be so because it grows on a tree about 10 feet tall. they are green at first and then turn bright orange. they also have a flower type petal at the top of the ? someone please help me identify my plant! i have a picture but am not sure how to get it out!

thank you


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Hey Candace,
Just off the top of my head (keep in mind in only 5 ft 2)
it sounds like a pomagranete. I know that's not how to
spell it but it's close. Does it have a hard skin and
small seeds inside?
Hope this helps.

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The fruit you describe could be a Persimmon but their flowers are almost unnoticeable. What color is the flower? If your picture is digital (jpeg) you could open a free account on Photobucket and direct link it here. After you open the account just copy the direct link and paste it into your post.
Here is the link to Photobucket http://photobucket.com/

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maternut(7 west tn)

We had a Loquat Tree in California, that sounds like what you have. Wife made very good jam out of it. The fruit was mostly seed.

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

That's definitely a Japanese Persimmon, after it softens, it's very good to eat.

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