new roses & bouganvillia

letsharmonize(USDA 5/2B Western)October 26, 2008

marshall's in lafayette has lots of plants 50-75% off. including crepe myrtles, roses, bouganvillia, hibiscus, etc.

i bought 2 climbing roses ... a Fourth of July and (i think) a Zephirine Drouhin (thornless). i've never had a climber before, and am in fact a rose novice. would appreciate tips on how to care for them right now, whether to plant or leave them in their 3 gal containers, etc.

also would appreciate tip on this bouganvillia too.

thanks so much!

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Now is a perfect time to plant them. They require the same care as any other rose, no fertilizer till spring. I have Zeffy, she is thornless, and when she blooms the smell is fantastic.

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Fall planting is great for roses and other shrubs, trees, and perennials.
The bouganvilla is tropical and tender, I believe, and could freeze in zone 9. I used to live south of New Orleans, and occasionally we would get a real cold snap that would kill our hibiscuses etc. So I would plant bougie in a container that can be moved as needed, at least this year. In late spring you could plant it in the ground, but it will always have a chance of freezing. My understanding is bougies like to be pot-bound, to flower better, you might want to google it and see. The climbing roses do not need regular pruning like hybrid tea roses, that lots of folks are familiar with. Just prune to keep it the size you want it. In my zone 7 we do March and August.

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