Another misnaming question

Ginny McLean_Petite_GardenJune 8, 2009

Just curious if others have had many incorrectly labeled irises from growers. Or if it is me who has scrambled them up? I have dogs that pull my tags out and a husband who often catches them with the snow shovel as well. But often they don't look like ANYTHING I have once they have bloomed! Input is welcome.


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Nancy zone 6

I've never bought from growers, but I have purchased from our local iris society sales. No problems in recent years since they have started writing the name on the iris fan itself. They used to just put it in a box & write the name on the box. I got 2 or 3 that were misnamed. I still run into problems with losing tags, or switching tags when I plant a bunch at one time. That is just me though, or more likely, the garden gnome is pulling pranks on me. I did have one this year that bloomed for the 1st time. I think I received this one in trade, Bye Bye Blues turned out to be purple. Very disappointing.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Most of my irises were planted with the names written right on the fan or wrapped with a sticky label as well as my tag so it's gotta be those faeries, the ones with 4 legs!


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I have only been on this place for 4 years and there were no iris on the place when I bought it . I have every tag for every iris on the place and some just don,t match any tag at all. Must be the iris fairy dropping off supprise iris to trick me.

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