sawtooth oak success?

gardenall(8)October 13, 2010

Anyone have luck with sawtooth oaks? I am going to plant a varriety of oaks this winter.I have heard good and bad lets hear what you have to say.I am planting on some land I just bought.It has been kept clean for about 4 years after clearcuting and needs to be planted.I am planting as much as 20 acers and will do this just for hunting.I have heard sawtooth need 25 ft by 25 ft spaceing......... I am interested on your input on sawtooth. THANKS

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backyardgrown(7b-8 NW MS)

I have several in my yard that are about 15 years old. They drop a lot of large acorns, which deer and squirrels love. The caps are large and interesting if you like crafty stuff. The acorns sprout easily, so unless you want seedlings popping up every where, be prepared to rake the acorns up, pull the seedlings, or mow them down. Otherwise you will have a sawtooth thicket on your hands.

As for the trees themselves, they don't get AS big as other oaks, but I like them. They are pretty common here because they are so easy to grow. If only other oak trees were as easy to grow!

Good luck!

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clanross(7b Virginia)

We planted seedlings that were given away on Arbor Day. They have grown very quickly--especially where they've gotten plenty of water. Husband and I both very impressed with how large they've grown. They are over our heads in only 3-4 years.

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I just planted 2 1/5 acres of sawtooth that I planted on 25 by 25 spaceing. I will keep this area cut and clean of unwanted growth so the sawtooth will reach full potential.The heavy acorn production and fast growth is the reason it is became so popular for a wildlife planting. I also just planted about 12 acres of other oaks as well.It will be fun to see how they all grow.

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taffyj(8b LA)

Beware, sawtooth oak can be invasive, outcompeting native oaks and other native plants.

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I have heard they can be invasive, but I planted them in an area that will be bushhogged and kept clean as needed.

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