Are these lights sufficient?

seedsilly(4)January 7, 2008

I've been searching the web for lights, would any of these be recommended? The first two are preferable due to price (I would use two per 24" tray) unless the single bulb version of the third would do the trick.

I'd be using them to start seeds and grow seedlings til I can plant out in late May, early June.

Thanks all!

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The first two are garbage, the third wants you to buy special tubes which are not required. Just go to Wally Mart or any home improvement place that sells cheap shoplights, and buy a
T8 two tube 48" shoplight fixture with some form of reflector on it. Load it with two 32 watt cool white T8 fluorescent tubes, and ur seedlings will be very happy. Buy tubes that have the most lumens, that you can find on the shelf. Do not buy "full spectrum" tubes, they are a waste of money, and there is absolutely no benefit. The nicest shoplight is something like the Lithonia 1241cw, but they are discontinued, and u can't find any more. For general seedling growth though, any cheap T8 shoplight will do perfectly well. I even used crap strip light T12 fixtures for years, with regular cool white lamps, and they worked just fine. Keep you seedlings within two inches from the tubes, let the seedlings grow right up to the tube, they will benefit from the light, and fluoros will not burn them.
Paul Mozarowski.

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