Will seeds grow in only indirect sunlight?

jasminehearted(8)January 8, 2013

Hello all,

I have a tray full of seedlings of various types (some tomatos, lisianthus, peppers, begonias, etc). They are in seed starter and I just misted the soil (I planted the seeds today). They also have a humidity cover. The problem is I don't have a single window in my condominium that gets any direct sunlight. I am able to get some ok ambient/indirect light.

I can't really afford grow lights, and there isn't space for them anyway. What should I do to make sure my seeds germinate. Can I buy daylight bulbs from the home depot that will get the proper red and blue wavelengths? What would be my best option?

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I should clarify, I'm sure there are plenty of posts about what bulbs I can buy on this site. I guess what I'm really asking is if the seeds are better in the indirect light of if it won't be strong enough and I need to buy some lamps and bulbs.

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Indirect sunlight will produce leggy seedlings for sure. Your best bet is to buy a 2 or 4ft two bulb "Shoplight" their not that expensive, and keep them as close to the seedlings as possible. For bulbs I have the best results with the "daylight" type of cool whites (More lumes the better). The warm whites (red) are more for the flowering stage.

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