Grow light for seed starting?

l1a1rocker(8)January 3, 2013

I'm committed to NOT planting late again. I had to wait all summer for the weather to cool to get decent vegies - NOT AGAIN!

To that end I'm making a sprouting/grow room. The garage has an alcove in it that is apz 10 x 7. It has the water heater and water softener in it along with a small stack of deep shelves, an electric little rascal type scooter, and boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. It was originally supposed to be storage for kitchen equipment and used as a pantry. Well, that never really happened so I'm clearing out the decorations, the scooter (another project for another day to get it working) and clearing the shelves so they can be used for their intended purpose of storing kitchen stuff.

I figure I'll end up with a usable floor space of around 4.5 X 6 feet for sprouting tables. Right now I'm deciding on what kind of grow light/s to get. I've found a good looking set-up on Amazon in both 400 and 600 watt, and a nice 400 watt setup from HTG. What would you folks suggest?


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Well, I guess I'll flip a coin on it.

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i set up a panel of shoplights - you might need about 16 x 2 tube 4 foot length shoplight. i would get the lithonia t12 shoplight, throw out the ballast and get used t8 ballast from ebay and you will have a really dandy setup

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my shoplight panel, for a 4x4' garden. they are overdriven, again, using cheap used t8 ballast from ebay

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