Wasps Attacking Monarch Cats

CavilerNovember 16, 2013

Hey Y'all,

I have seen at least two species of wasp attack and kill my Monarch cats. I have also found a chrysalis that had been gnawed into and cleaned out.
Does anyone know any effective counters to these little bastards? I can't poison them, obviously. Is there something I can plant that will keep them away but not bother my cats? Not just Monarch cats, but they are my main variety by far.


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I'm not sure what a monarch cat is, but I DO poison the wasps! They present a serious health hazard to my family and pets because they've managed to find an entry into my home. The last time I was stung, I had a severe allergic reaction. They have been swarming here, as well.
There are commercial wasp traps available, but I haven't had great success with those.

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