baby-killer slugs

ryseryse_2004June 17, 2014

I have been very fortunate in not having slugs bother any of my hosta beds but yesterday I saw little bites taken off several of my tiny new seedlings that I have in a trough. Today, there isn't a leaf left on any of the seedlings!
I'm suspecting slugs and sure do hope the tiny little plants have enough energy in the roots and stems to make new leaves. I was so thrilled to have a few streaked seedlings and today - nothing.

I put two saucers of beer in the trough so I hope to see drowned uglies tomorrow.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

Sorry to read that slugs eat seedlings now. I am also in zone 5.
I have my new seedlings in trays with an inch of water, no damage yet. I have seen only very small slugs and snails. There was so much rain which produced a lot of weeds, today was 88, so not much time and inclination after pulling most weeds to spread slug bait again, did it already twice this spring, but next days I must.
Good luck! Bernd

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If they went that fast, I'd look for a cut worm. Feel around the edges about 1" below the surface for an ugly worm.


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I see holes in my leaves, and that really peeves .
SomethingâÂÂs maimed my plantains.
But who can I blame?
Not bugs, not thugs.
So they gotta go.
I wanna see âÂÂem
Perform their death throes.
Should I catch âÂÂem, or snatch âÂÂem
In order to dispatch âÂÂem?
Or salt âÂÂem to halt âÂÂem?
The answerâÂÂs not clear.
Maybe I should drown âÂÂem in
A bowl of cheap beer.
I could sprinkle the soil
With bait to foil
Leaving Guacamole
With its leaves whole, not holey.
They gotta go.

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Thanks Ester - I wish they could hear you. This morning there are no slugs in the beer so maybe it is indeed a cutworm. I'll look for it.

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That be SLUG RAP, Ryse. Glad you liked it.

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