please help identify this plant!

kittee(8 Portland, OR)November 22, 2004


This is my first post in this community and on gardenweb. I live in New Orleans and am trying to gain control of my yard. This is my second summer in this house, and I see several plants that have seeded from last year. Loads of these are so hard to control: mexican petunias and 4 o'clocks to name a few. There is another plant that is everywhere, and I can't figure out how it's spreading. I dig them up and they keep coming back. I've uploaded two pictures if anyone is willing to help me figure out what they are. They grow very quickly, have big heart-shaped green leaves (with purple undertones) and bloom into lovely hydrangea like flowers at the end of the summer. I let some go this summer, and they grew over 6 feet tall. I cut them all back 7 weeks ago, and now they are everywhere. Here're the links:




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Django(z9 LA)

Without looking: cashmere bouquet. Added bonus: they attract ants.

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Kathy547(z8 AR)

Looks like Cashmere Bouquet...Clerodendrum bungei

You may also want to look it up in the Horticulture Database here on GardenWeb.

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kittee(8 Portland, OR)

thanks so much!!!! this has been driving me crazy forever. now i can figure out how it is reproducing everywhere.


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soundgarden(z8/ New Orleans, La)

I knew what it was, but I was spelling it incorrectly in the database and it wasn't coming up. I was spelling it cleodendrum. I wanted to make a positive identification before posting an answer. I'm pretty excited that I guessed correctly.
Do they produce seeds, or are they spreading underground? I've got a plant in my back yard that I've been trying to kill for 2 1/2 years. I just found some more yesterday growing in my compost.

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They are spreading underground. It is one of those invasive plants. I have it growing on the place in Ms. where it can spread like mad. Heck I don't mind one bit since I really love the flowers.

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You will have to dig the root up close to the parent plant or you can try Ortho-weed-b-gon for lawns kills the broadleaf not the grass do not spray on or near flowers you wont to keep.hope this helps Jim

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BelindaM(z8 La)

Because this is a suckering plant spraying will not control it. Your best bet is digging up the largest clump and then catching the suckers by pull up suckers wait until they are 24 inches after a good rain, use two hands and pull gently. If you brake them off then they run again. This is a nice plant but if some people hate it it can become a problem.


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I too, made the mistake of admiring and then planting one of these in my garden. Now I have thousands. Knowing what I know now, I still would have kept it, but in a pot. Good news is they come up pretty easy. Wait for 24 hours after a good rain, get a good pair of gloves and you will be done in minutes. After a while they get manageable.

Oh, bring a nose clip too. The leaves really stink when disturbed. (big smile)


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grannybj65(z7 Miss.)

well granny had it figured before I even seen the picture...not so smart, just have the same plant lol and yes it does do all those naughty things all have posted, but still I love the plant and so do the butterflies :)

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the cashmere plant is all over my garden but I have never had a bloom on any of them. they are in a partial shaded garden and are multiplying. Could it be the lime in my garden that is preventing them from blooming. I need to know what I can do to make them bloom, otherwise I will start pulling them up. The backyard is a lime pit or on a lime pit.

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I think these are really pretty! Much better than the invasives I have in my yard..which are all WEEDS!

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