New Orleans water?

Jocelyn WrightNovember 9, 2005

Is the super-treated water safe for plants?

I've got a container garden that's gone mostly crispy... but my lemon and lime and fig trees might still be alive, somewhere under all that brown. I'm afraid to water them without treating or understanding the water tho... it's pretty chlorine-y and funky, and I sure wouldn't DRINK it...

Is it going to kill my plants? Make the fruit taste funny? Will it be OK for herbs and seedlings? Is it organic (HA!)?

Thanks for any advice, info, etc. :)

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lamedicineman(LA 9)

I wouldn't worry about the chlorine in the water affecting your plants. My swimming pool has plants planted around all the pool side drains and many times the overflow leaches around these plants. I have never lost any plants from the chlorinated water. I would definitely not drink any of the water though. Best of luck with your plants!!!

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