Advice on planting a Crimson King Norway Maple Tree

CavilerNovember 13, 2013

Hello Everyone,

It's my second post, minutes after the first, so hello again. In my first post I asked for advice on White Dogwoods. A tree we have had experience with, at least. With the beautiful maple, we have none.

Our soil is terribly full of clay so that's question #1. What might we do about that? Questions 2-whatever are ones I don't even know enough to ask. I'm hoping y'all can come through for me.

I'm in Baton Rouge, off a street called Highland Road - aptly named as apparently it was once the levee for THE river so is raised dramatically and so full of clay. We have many large trees in our yard, including a Southern Sugar Maple.

Any and all tips appreciated.


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Wait a few days after this heavy rain goes through so the clay will drain. In my area, four days will be enough to dig. Then dig your hole about 3 feet in diameter and about one foot deep. Dig wide but not particularly deep. Most things I read recommend using only native soil as back fill so that the roots will find their way out into the surrounding ground easier. Personally, I always put a bag of composted manure over the area that I am digging, then dig and mix, dig and mix the area, working the manure well into the soil that will become back fill; remove the soil from the hole area, remove all wrappings around the tree's root ball and set it in the hole with the dark area of the trunk (indicating the top of the soil line it was at before) about an inch higher than the soil level you are putting it in (really important in tight clay); then back fill with the soil you removed from the hole, firming it around the roots as you go. Water it in well, apply a good mulch like pine straw. And that ought to do it. By planting now or soon, you are giving the roots a chance to settle in before next summer's heat arrives.

I must say I am not familiar with this particular variety of maple and maples, in general, are not always successful here in the Deep South. Red Maple and certain Sugars are, though. Research it on the internet or through the Southern Living Website. It is awful to dig a beautiful hole and then lose the tree because you picked the wrong kind.

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