Can I move iris now?

aliska12000(Z5)June 14, 2008

One clump I don't want to deal with any more and may offer them on freecycle, you dig, please fill in the hole with my topsoil. It's supposed to be plain bright yellow, got it/them last year at local horiticultural soc plant sale, one fan is so huge I cannot believe it, not right for where they are or something. The other clump, new last year, Chasing Rainbows, one bloomed and promptly fell over in the rain, one with fat buds did the same, and of the rest of that clump, I think they have just self-propagated or whatever they do and too young to bloom this year or they don't like where they are.

Up to how late this year can I move them if you say it is ok? I have a replacement in mind and don't know where to find some, that small asian lily, "Crimson Pixie".

It's probably been asked before; if so, sorry for the redundancy.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

A search probably would have helped you.

Basically replant beardeds right after bloom until 6 weeks before the first frost date. Sooner done, sooner root system becomes established.

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My Asiatic Lily Crimson Pixie is in bloom now and I've really got to thin them out this fall once they die back. They are spectacular all blooming in the huge clump they are in but I know it can't be healthy for them.

I tried to locate an email address for you and couldn't locate one. I would gladly trade you some of my Crimson Pixies for your Chasing Rainbows Iris if you are interested.

My Crimson Pixies are almost 2 ft tall. Not sure if that is normal. Some of my older ones are closer to 3 ft. Not sure if this is the height you are looking for or if you are looking for something shorter.

This pic was taken in full sun and doesn't do the color justice.

Here is a closeup that shows the actual color.

Let me know if you would be interested in a trade or if they are to tall for the spot you have.


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iris gal, I know I should have used the search engine. My bad. I get tired of plowing through pages and pages of results or sometimes come up with nothing. Thank you for telling me exactly what I wanted to know.

Andrea, first I need to know if your lilies have any orange in them because I don't want that. It could be the way your camera rendered the color, and I'll post my photo and don't know if it will look like what it looks like to me or not. They are truly crimson with no hint of orange as I saw them and tons of buds, both places I saw them full sun southern exposure which could account for that.

I forgot on this photo (didn't take any of the one Chasing Rainbows that bloomed B4 if fell over and broke), but usually turn the exposure compensation down -2/3 (-1 on my old camera) when I am photographing colorful (& especially white) flowers in bright sun. That helps with metering and usually avoids blowing the highlights and also helps with the color. Won't go into a long song and dance, the bottom line is that cameras, processing and monitors, it can look one way to one person and sometimes a lot different to another.

The thought of having to ship anything right now, although I would suppose iris are among the easiest to ship, is too much. So much going on that my son offered to take my grandson's broken camera to the po for me if I would just work out the details w/Canon and box it up ready to ship (which was nice of him, could use more help in the yard right now). Sigh. Not sleeping well. Wild's still have them for 3.50 would rather just order you some and have them shipped to you, they should have a sale coming up shortly but sale or no sale, I don't care at this point and those might not be on it.

I want them short because I don't have full sun in but a few places. This area is on the east side and out several feet, so I think lilies would get enough sun but the taller ones would lean worse than the iris (there) trying to get a little more which probably didn't help in the rain. I wouldn't care if the shorter ones lean a little. These are all at the crest of a hill where I have hosta lining the steps now going down the slope, so I thought these would be kind of stunning there with the hosta. I kinda want to keep all my Chasing Rainbows and you have a better chance if you get 3 or 4 fresh ones which I would pay for and have shipped to you. In return if you think it is a fair trade AND the right color, you could send me what you decide is fair. My son would like a couple, too, but I want just enough to get a very small clump going on both sides of the hilltop, 2 narrowish spots. I am not the kind who keeps score particularly. For those lilies, maybe it's best not to move them now but thin them out when the foliage dies back and get the bulbs to me in the fall? Most Asians I've bought they only ship in spring. They do look pretty tough.

Anyway, here is my photo I posted over on the lilies forum which is how I found out what they were, and my email address is

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My Crimson Pixies get at least 8 hours of sun a day which I think is too much. By the second day the edges of the blooms start to fade to a red orange color.

That photo looks more like the Asiatic Lily called Montenegro which is a deeper red than the Crimson Pixie. You might also look at an Asiatic Lily called Blackout which is an even darker red than the Montenegro. Google the Montenegro and the Blackout and see if these would be closer to what you are looking for.

I'll send you an e-mail.

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I'll watch for your email when you can get to it. Thanks.

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