Marvel Peas in Southwest Florida

tgattoMarch 22, 2011

I am trying to decide if I should give my peas full sun or partial shade in this hot summer sun I am worried if I do they will not make it...? Does anyone have any suggestions or pictures, the wide row method was one I have heard of but am unsure. I was going to make a bean hut or huts as I do not have many other options cant buy lots of material for this project. Thanks for any tips, I am new to growing here in Florida.

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Here English peas do best either overwintered or planted in midwinter. I use the double or triple row method. This is the current status of my English pea patch. Willet Wonders were planted the week of Thanksgiving, the other rows are Premium planted the first of February. the Willet wonders are blooming. Just as an aside, Little Marvel is not much of a performer for me. The weedy strip between the plantings is reserved for tomatoes.

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Thank you so much for the information! The picture was great! I see you use no climbing method for them ,some do and some dont I have noticed, not sure if that helps with production or not? This will be a learning experience planting here, did you have to cover them during the few freezes we had This winter? Oh and do you give your garden any shade for this hot sun here or is it full sun? Thanks again

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Full sun, no support. Harvest in April -May before the heat arrives. I only grow dwarf varieties which support each other pretty well when planted in double or triple rows. no cover. they stand single digit temperature if it does not last long enough for the ground to freeze solid.

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