Ethiopian Lentils

vtguitargirl(Z4b VT)March 1, 2012

Has anyone grown Ethiopian Lentils, "Lathyrus sativus" aka Grass Pea? (Not the true lentil "Lens culinaris")

I could use some advice on when to plant & days to maturity, what sort of yield to expect, etc...

I did Google the scientific name & it sounds like thay can be a life saver because they can withstand drought, however, an over dependence of them in the diet can be toxic, but that breeders are working on creating varieties that are less toxic. Hmmmm...

The original plan was to grow some for an Ethiopian acquaintance, but now I'm not so sure!

I found them listed at Annapolis Seeds.

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Yeah, I think I'd pass on trying to eat this one. Might be fun to grow just as an ornamental.

The Wikipedia article on L. sativus says that consumption can cause a degenerative neuromuscular condition that results in lower body paralysis. I'm sure eating a small quantity of it just to try might be OK, but I really could do without the ending up in a wheelchair part - lol.

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"degenerative neuromuscular condition that results in lower body paralysis" - yikes! Serious business. I've never heard of this plant before where did you come across it @ vtguitargirl?

I'll stick with the standards for now :)

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