When will my Poinsetta leaves turn red again?

heidiho(St. Martinville, La. Zn.8)November 8, 2010

I have my 2 big Poinsetta's 4' or more in a room with NO light for 12-14 hrs. at night and BIG garbage bags over them and close them up at the top with bread wrapper.

I take them out of the room, unwrap and put in the light outdoors during the day, feed and water when needed. I've done this since the middle of Oct.

I see lots of new green leaves. Which leaves will be red? Is it the new leaves or the old ones?

If it's the new ones are they supposed to come out red or will they gradually turn that way. First time I've done this so I'm totally confused.

Someone gave them to me in Aug. and she didn't cut them back so they are really big.I hope I'm not doing all this work for nothing.

Thanks so much for your time and hope someone can help.

Have a very nice day.

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rpw53(south Florida)

Response time from flower initiation to full color varies from 7 weeks to 10 weeks depending on the cultivar, so you should start seeing color before that time.

Poinsettias initiate flowers when days become shorter than nights. However, once short days begin, it is important that nights continue to get longer for bracts to form color - if nights get shorter rather than longer the flowering will be disrupted and plants will fail to flower...

Hopefully you'll start seeing red soon :-)

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