Holy Guacamole, look at all those hosta!

funnthsun z7A - Southern VAJune 17, 2014

OK, so, some of you may know that I am doing a big...wait, let me fix that...BIG project/remodel/renovation of the area just behind my house. This area is where all of my potted hosta usually live, as well as some in-ground ones. Well, everything had to be dug up, potted up and moved! The whole area is getting relandscaped, for lack of a better word, regraded, essentially. We've been having water issues around the foundation, etc. to cause the renovation. So, it's out with the old and in with the new, a complete blank slate! I'm expanding the beds around back dramatically and a lot of potted hosta are actually going in the ground (I'll still have some potted, though).

Anywho, I had to move ALL existing potted hosta to the front bed (it's the only one that had enough room b/c it's newly established, to put pots in between the existing plants). Here is the before pic:

And here is the bed, all loaded up!:

Man, that's a lotta Hosta! At least, all in one place, it is! Talk about instant full bed. Hopefully, they won't be out there too long, but it works for right now. Shade is at a premium around here, especially with backhoes, etc. coming in soon. Gotta keep my hostas out of harm's way. Can't wait until I get to actually start gardening the back area again.

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Holy Cow!! I hope you have hired 24 hour security - I would hate to see those pots "disappear" overnight!!! Good luck with the reno.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

OMG it's a nursery! I'd like to come shopping, LOL!

Have fun and it must be great to have so many hostas in one place at the same time. It gives you time to play around with placement. I find that the biggest challenge - putting certain ones together to good effect so they stand out individually. Enjoy and I hope your regrade is completed without any hiccup! :-)

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Wow, Funn! That is a spectacular display of hosta-acquiring prowess!

Please name them all. (Just kidding) ; P

Don B.

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Connie K

It looks terrific! They all look so happy together.

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hostatakeover swMO(6a)

My local nursery would be jealous. Mama Mia, that's a lotta Hosta!

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Amazing picture, and possibilities. It will be fun to watch them mature.

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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

That's a lot of hosta! Big projects are a lot of work, but starting with a blank slate, when you already have so many plants on hand, sounds like a LOT of fun to me. ...And I'm glad to see Ms. Peacock is at the top of your driveway. In another pic it looked like she was just off the street. She's such an eyecatcher.

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I like it, I love, I want some more of it...

Too bad I can't do that. First of all, the pots would quickly undergo metamorphosis and develop "legs". Ditto for the lovely peacock sculpture. Secondly, please notice that many of your hostas have pointy leaves. In the interest of public safety, I'm sure our co-op insurance company would rule that there are too many pointy leaves in your hosta collection and so I would have to get rid of them.

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Good grief. When all these hostas reach full size, you'll need 3 acres to plant them in.

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Esther - you crack me up!

funinthesun - I wonder what that will look like by the end of the summer? They will provide shade for each other, I would love to see it in person.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Mocc, do you have 3 acres? We're both in trouble, I think! :)

If it weren't for this project, something like this would have never happened, of course, so it's one of those pics that you take b/c it's a unique event. This makes watering a pain, I have to say. Can't get under there like I usually do. Have to just water from above for most of them. Glad this is just temporary. I'm sure the novelty will wear off very quickly and I'll order them back in their area like the wayward children that they will be!

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One person's dream is another person's nightmare - meaning that I'm too old to keeping moving and dividing hosta.


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Funn, not even close to ONE acre, that's the truth. I tell myself they won't get any bigger than the pots they are in. Then I go buy larger pots. It sure does look fine, all full like that! I discover nice combinations while the pots are small enough to move. Then I change my mind because of the change in leaves and sizes. Good thing I am a pothead. I'd be digging beds and moving plants more than McTavish does. There is a lot to be said for potting hosta.

And Donna, I know what you mean about too old to keep moving and dividing. I invested in a long footed dolly to move large pots. A nice wagon eager to roll. I'm too late smart and too soon old. So far no dividing.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

This little project has shown me that you can get a heck of a lot more hostas in pots packed in an area than you can in the ground. I knew that in my head, but I didn't realize just how many more you could get in there b/c you can pack the immature ones in between the others and you can touch, then just move as they grow. Pots have advantages and disadvantages. Now, if I can just get them ALL to overwinter in pots, I might be on to something here.

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funnnthsun - What is your biggest challenge with overwintering in pots?

We are both in NC and I just recently split and potted about 21 small - medium hostas. Was hoping to keep them in pots for a year or two and then give them to family and friends.

Built a nice little rack/shelf in a perfect shade area on the back of my house. Fortunately I have tons of space and could put them in the ground for winter if need be but would love to avoid that step if possible.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

I think Bkay and I had the same issue with some of our pots last year. I put them up too dry and they were in a protected area, off of the ground (on shelves). I was so worried about them rotting that they didn't have what they needed to successfully overwinter. Them being off the ground allows moisture to wick away even better than when they are lower, it seems. I also experimented with cloth pots last year and that allows moisture to wick away from all sides, so lost those. I think I lost about 10% of what I had potted up. That's an ouch, in my books. Basically, some of the smalls and the cloth pots. Live and learn. Didn't lose any that were larger and in quart-size plastic pots or larger. Bob Solberg told me to put them up "soaking wet", which is contrary to what I had heard elsewhere "damp, but not moist". I think zone is a HUGE factor in how you overwinter in pots, as well. Humidity in the air, ambient temps., etc.

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Funn, Bob Solberg is more in your zone than others, and he must be experienced keeping hosta in pots, right? I don't know how his nursery is setup whether in the field or in greenhouses or shade structures. I'd check with him again before putting all my hosta in "one basket" to make sure I understood what he meant. You don't want to have a "duhhhh" moment next spring.

Sheltered from the snow and ice and winter vermin predation, but not from the cold, having a bit of moisture..... Assuming they go dormant and have wet soil....but not an immediate freeze that stays frozen. They'd have some evaporation, stay cold, .....yeah, I'd check again with Solberg on that one. He'd know what your climate must contend with.

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

I am in zone 5 and I remove the black nursery pots from their ceramics pots and I overwinter them in the ground. If there is sitting water in the spring, I slice the nursery pot vertically from the top to a couple of inches below soil surface. I haven't lost any hosta in the last few years.

Regarding the pots filling in the voids in a new bed - that is exactly what I am doing this year in my 'front garden project'. Here is one pic but I will post a new thread.

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Yes, Paula, and you have a great way for handling it but even the ceramic pots look buried in the ground. I believe Funn is simply placing her hosta pots above ground in between those permanently planted in the ground. She has a different climate not dependably deep freeze during dormancy. However, Bob Solberg is close to her zone and he has a method which works for him. Or so I'm assuming it works. I forget what % of the plants he loses to winter weather. I heard it but forgot.

As non commercial gardeners each loss is examined for all contributing factors...especially what did I do wrong!

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