need plant identification

zirondelleDecember 29, 2004

Hello everyone..I'm new to this forum (and already you have me hooked on brugs. Never had one before..saw my first one this past summer...local nursery had a clearance sale this past week and went and bought 5 of those things! Can't wait to plant them in the house we'll be moving to at the end of Jan. (they're in my greenhouse now as we had unusually cold weather for the holidays). question concerns a plant for which I have no pictures, nor any idea of what it might be. It is a shrub that grew at my grandmother's house when I was small (she lived in Eunice, La.). I'm not sure but I think it was perrenial..was about 4 foot high (maybe though since my memories were that of a child). But it was covered with these very odd flowers. They were bright red. We called them "superman flowers" because of the way they were made. Not sure if I can explain without drawing it. But it one large petal that came out over the rest of the flower...the single large petal was like a cape over the rest..and I remember picking the flowers and holding part of it and throwing it like a paper airplane (yes my grandmother spoiled us shamelessly and never once fussed at us..). I wish I had more to go by but I've never once ran across anything that even resembled it. And I have been into gardening for over 30 years. I am trying to find all the plants that I enjoyed as a child ... so many of them are beginning to become harder and harder to find these days. I would appreciate any help at all.. (oh the flowers were only about 4 inches maybe? ... and grew all over the shrub). Thanks... Cindy

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lisa455(z9 LA)

Turks cap (Malvaviscus arboreus) maybe?

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Pretty sure it's not turk's cap... I know I've not given much description but I've not much to go except memory. I do vividly remember the flower though. I'd know it for sure if I saw a picture of it. There is a nursery down the road that deals with rare plants..or old fashioned ones. Perhaps they can help me with it. The flowers were quiet exotic looking and I recall the bush being full of them. Bright red they were. Thank you anyway.

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