metal halide for seedlings.

Devon7234January 17, 2013

I'm building a grow room for trials on fertilizer. I posted in the experimental forum but it doesn't look like that place gets much traffic.

I have a 5x5 area with 18 individual 72 cell flats. Each flat has an independent heating mat. My light source is a 1000 watt metal halide with a digital ballast. I'm getting conflicting information regarding how well the seeds will sprout and grow for the first few weeks of life. If I back the MH up enough I won't need to worry about scorching the plants. However, will they be getting enough light? I've combed through about a dozen academic journals today on horticulture but have made little success as far as light is concerned. Would it make sense to just drop $500 and outfit my table with some T-5s?

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I germinate seedlings with 400W MH lights and have no problems scorching the little guys. I have powerful fans to help move the heat right under the light and I use a small infrared laser heat measuring gun ($10 from Harbor Freight) to monitor the actual temperature at seedling level.

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or just drop 250$ and outfit with T8

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