Plant beans where peas were?

julieann_growMarch 15, 2009

I just cut down my peas (sugar snap peas) and planned to plant pole beans on the same trellis. However, the peas looked like they had some disease starting...yellow/brown leaves on the bottom.

Would the beans be susceptible to the same "disease"?

Also, should I apply a soil inoculant for the beans or is the soil good since the peas were there?

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cabrita(9b SoCal)

I plan to do exactly what you describe but it is too early for me to plant pole beans of the P vulgaris type. However, we did plant peas right on top of the fall pole beans and that worked great (I posted a couple pictures on the other pea thread, but those are in zone 10). Both the beans and peas were healthy though. Now, are you sure you have a 'disease' or is it just the natural life cycle of the peas? which zone 9 are you in? they do not like heat at all, have you had a bit of a hot spell? then browning leaves would be normal, no disease to worry about. Maybe someone else has experience in our zones and can give us advice. I have cool springs and hellishly hot autumns (usually) so I'll be planting beans later.

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I'm in S. Louisiana and thought about the fact that they may just be at the end of their life. I planted them in Nov and we had some heat in the last 2 weeks.

But, I guess my real question is "do the same diseases that affect peas affect pole beans"? Because if they do, then rotating would be better than planting in the same spot.

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