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kawaiineko_gardener(5a)January 26, 2013

I will be doing my main grow light setup outside of my home more than likely.

However I will do a small grow light set up at home. I found a 'mini greenhouse' in a gardening catalog I found last year. It's essentially a dome that creates a greenhouse affect.

It comes with a 6400k light and a reflector that directs the light onto the plants from above.

Is this recommended for seed starting. I really don't have the time or budget to 'wing it' and see how it goes.

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Under my experience with starting vegetable seedlings indoors, you need to expose them to a very strong full spectrum light such as a 400 watt metal halide at close distance, or anything that is commercial. Flourescent tube lights are generally weaker, but they will work if you have a T5 or stronger at close distance. You need the exposure to the high lumens because if you don't then the natural sunlight will fry them up, and it will be difficult to harden off your seedlings.

If you have a strong enough light, you really don't need to have the light on that much to start. If you already have window light, then 2-4 hours of supplemental light may be sufficient. The goal is to keep them short and stocky so the plants never etoliate.

I have included a blog post on starting blueberry seedlings indoors, and successfully growing them outside just in case you wonder what seedlings should look like. They should generally have hard stems, and never string out so you basically need to try and simulate the level of light they under full sun, or at least get close to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blueberry seedlings started from seed

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Thanks for threads and reply on grow light product which will be useful in future and will be implement on procedure of plant growth.

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