Space between rows?

lucille(Houston)March 18, 2014

It is all y'all's fault:) I looked through this forum and particularly the pictures and decided I want to plant more beans that the 20 foot row of pole beans I have planted now.
But I have a very small lot and the veggie garden has no more room, none and the flower gardens already have veggie plants snuck into them.
After considerable reflection I decided not to use the 4 foot picket fences in the front yard because I would probably have to extend their height and that would look bad.
There is a 25 foot row behind the side fence I'm going to use. But also there is an area off to the side of the driveway on the side of my house that is about 10x10 of grass.
I was thinking of making 2 or 3, 10 foot rows, leaving enough to mow in between. Mower is 20 inches, and I need to leave room for the planted area and the bean plants, so how many feet between the rows would you suggest?
It is my opinion that as a homeowner in this area, I could get away with beans in the side yard with no problem as long as there was grass and it was neat.
So what do you think?

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Some expert pole bean growers space their trellises 4 feet apart. One that I talked to uses 5 feet. - Dick

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Thank you. It looks like I can get 3 rows-one at each end and one in the middle, or an 'L' shaped row and leave the grass alone.
So all told with all my rows I can get about 40-50 linear feet of bean growing space.

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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

Lucille, have you considered growing a half-runner bean on that front fence?

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What I spent the morning doing is adding another layer of wire fence in the vegetable garden raising the second layer so the total fence height is 5 1/2 feet, planted some of my Poletschka.

LoboGothic, I will look into what a half runner bean is, thank you for the suggestion.

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I'm thinking maybe zipper cream peas up against the picket fence, just read about them.

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