Here's proof that T-5 florescent grow lights work!

arctictropical(Z4)January 11, 2011

I'm amazed at how well plumeria plants bloom under these grow lights. This picture shows the best mid-winter blooms I've seen yet since growing plumerias under grow lights for two years.


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Beautiful flowers. I've always promoted T5's. Are you using High-Output T5's or the regular variety? I prefer H-O's at 54 Watts/Bulb for both functionality and price. Are you using any supplemental sunlight, or have you learned how to grow completely under grow lights?

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Hi yucatan. Yes, they are the HO T-5 lights. I put the plumeria outside June through mid September. After that, it's too cold in our high mountain valleys. They go back inside under the grow lights. They get no sunlight the rest of the year.

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Nice. May I ask which unit you are using, and how many bulbs the unit has? What is your mix of 6500k/3000k?

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Here's pictures of two different light fixtures. The flat fixture has 8 working bulbs, one half 6500k and one half 3000k. The other fixture is curved (concave) with the lights closer to each other, but only have 6 working lights since I could not get the other two outside lights hooked up right for some reason. These light fixtures put out a lot of heat (notice the leaf tip burn on one leaf). My basement room is totally heated by these lights and the temperature stays between 72 and 80 degrees.

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almax881(z8 - Louisiana)

Nice set up. That's alot of light!

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It appears you are getting good canopy penetration. This was my concern for peppers or tomatoes.

HO T5 seems to be the most efficient from what I can tell. What kind of jump in your electrical bill did you see?

Here is a link that might be useful: My Hydroponic Journal and Adventure

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halfway, I'm not sure how much my electrical bill jumped, but I'm guessing about $15.00 per month, which I believe is well worth it. I have an 8 bulb (54-watt each) T-5 HO fixture, a 6 bulb T-5 HO fixture, and two regular old fashion T-8 (I believe), fat 40 watt bulb fixtures with two wide spectrum plant bulbs in each one. Enough wattage to heat the basement room to 80 degrees without any other heat source.

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