Can you ID this bean disease?

NilaJones(7b)March 27, 2013

Hello :). I usually hang out at VG or Fruits, but I am hoping you folks can help me :).

My beans often get this, and it often kills them -- especially at the end of summer. I have looked online at pictures of beans diseases and nothing looks similar to me.

As it progresses, all the leaves on the plant turn white and die.

Please don't be distracted by the slug damage :). It's the discoloration I am wondering about.

One tray is pole beans (seed saved -- Kentucky Blue, I think) and the other is Painted Lady.

Thank you so much for your help :).

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Makes me wonder about two possibilities:

1) That perhaps these beans have been watered while the sun is shining strongly on them. This can cause a scald.

2) That perhaps there is a salinity problem in the soil?

WIsh I could help more!

Tahlequah, OK

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I tend to agree with macmex. It looks like sun scald from watering in the heat of the day.

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