Help with my setup please.

luvncanninJanuary 29, 2013

Hi I am totally new to growing under lights and would appreciate some input about my setup. I have been studying about how to do this and I am pretty handy with diy projects so here is what I have so far.
I have 2 shop lights and a table 30x50. I attached hooks and chains under the the table and can adjust the light fixtures as the plants grow. I am going to wrap the lower part of the table with heavy duty commercial alum. foil, because that is what I have, keeping one end open for circulation. The top of the table same light setup suspended from the ceiling but maybe no foil.
Do I need two 48" setups per shelf or can I get by with one?
Do you keep a small fan on them all the time or just occassionally?
Do I need the foil on the top shelf?
Oh and I am growing different vegetables and herbs to plant out side and maybe keep some herbs in the house too.
Thank you all

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Are your shop lights 2 or 4 bulb? Fluorescent lights can do well with herbs and greens, but for fruiting vegetables, you really need some more intense light. WIth the rig you�re planning the reflective foil will increase the available light. THe more the better. I use a 4 bulb 48" T8 fixture over my raft system. I can adjust the height of the fixture with chains. It works well with the lettuce and cilantro I am growing. A fan is necessary as when the plant is under light since it is transpiring. Circulating air enhances transpiration and consequently increases nutrient uptake. I turn my fans off when the lights are off as the stomata close an no transpiration occurs. For veggies, consider picking up metal halide, high pressure sodium or LED (which I use for tomatoes and peppers and love). Hope this helps.

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thank you the info! I have 2 bulb lights. I was hoping I could get by with 1 set per shelf at least till payday when I could buy a few more. I want to get as much planted indoors so I do not have to spend so much on plants this year.
Wondered if I could move the lights side to side every 12 hours 1 set over each shelf or do they have to have 16 hours of light?


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