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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)June 7, 2013

For those of you who grow tall bearded irises in hot and humid climes, you may be interested in what Evey recommends:

"I am often asked about which bearded irises I enjoy growing. I am a big fan of many of the irises hybridized by Walter Moores. Though I am sure there are successes all over the country, I personally know of gardeners who have enjoyed growing Walter's cultivars in Washington, California, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Ohio, New York, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana (yes, Louisiana!). He has registered almost 90 cultivars over the years, but I now limit my recommendations to those that have won AIS awards (Award of Merit or Honorable Mention) and his more recent cultivars (registered 1999 or later). I also recommend some older cultivars that didn't win an award, but have special qualities that attract me. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to find his cultivars offered in commerce, so I have created a list of sources to give out as a reference when anyone asks, "Where can I get that one?" Below is a list of the cultivars I would recommend growing and where you can find them (last updated June 5, 2013). If you know of additional sources for any of these, please let me know!"
Aril Reverie - HM 1992 - Country Delights
Ascii Art - HM 2001 - Argyle Acres, Napa Country, Nola's
Brown Recluse - R 2011 - Intro'ed?
Chocolate Chess - HM 2004 - Looking for source
Cloud Illusion - R 2007 - Rockytop
Confederate Muster - R1999 - Blue J
Confederate Royalty - HM 2001 - Blue J, Iris City Gardens, Nola's
Cranberry Cordial - HM 2004, Beaumont Ridge, Nola's
Dante's Inferno - HM 1982 - Bonnie's Irises, C&T, Nola's
Dime Spot - Great fragrance! - Blue J, C&T, Nola's
Flying Down to Rio - HM 2008 - Country Deights, Superstition
Foggy Mist - R 2008 - Iris Sisters Farm
Follow the Fleet - R 2000 - Nola's
Garnet Etching - R 1999 - Blue J
Haunting Music - HM 1982 - Looking for source
Kuala Lumpur - HM 1989 - Looking for source
Labors of Cupid - R 2010 - Superstition
Lavender Reflection - R 2003 - Looking for source
Lemon Chess - HM 1998, AM 2000 - Blue J, Comanche Acres, Country Delights, Nola's, Wild Iris Rows
Lemon Dainty - R 2011 - Superstition
Lemonade Springs - R 2003 - Looking for source
Light on Snow - R 2005 - Superstition
Matrix of Art - R 2004 - Looking for source
Miniver Rose - R 2006 - Country Delights
Miss Scarlett - HM 1982 - Looking for source
Moonlight and Wine - R 2008 - Rockytop, Superstition
Night Train to Memphis - R 2008 - Rockytop
Ode to Kalifa - HM 1982 - Looking for source
Opal Essence - R 2011 - Intro'ed?
Pansy Parade - R 2004 - Blue J
Peach Reprise - HM 1986 - C&T, Nola's
Pharoah's Host - Superstition
Pinch of Spice - HM 1986 - Looking for source
Prince of Earl - Beautiful - Blue J, C&T, Nola's, Winterberry Irises
Purgatory - HM 1990 - Country Delights, Superstition
Purple Reprise - R 2006 - Looking for source
Ranchipur - HM 1990 - Looking for source
Russian Rita - R 2010 - Superstition
Shore Patrol - HM 2006 - Iris4U
Spiked Punch - Beautiful - Looking for source
Sunshine Lady - R 2004 - Looking for source
Top Stitch - HM 1983 - Looking for source
Touched by Grace - R 2006 - Looking for source
Two Different Worlds - R 2000 - Looking for source
Valentine Romance - R 2007 - Superstition
Violet Shimmer - HM 2001 - Blue J, Nola's, Rainbow Iris Farm, Williamson Farm Flowers
Yalobusha Desert - R 2010 - Rockytop, Superstition

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Another wonderful source is Rockytop Gardens. I live in a very hot and humid climate, and the Rockytop cultivars so exceptionally well here.

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