Jiffy Pellets

farmingvillefarmer(East Coast zone 7)January 28, 2009

Hi all I have a problem here with Jiffy Pellets. It seems when I bottom water them only some get water and others do not. Even when I spray the dry ones with water they are bone dry the next day while others stay sopping wet. Also is it normal sometimes for a whole tray to go bone dry in a day or two? Seems I have to water some of the trays almost every 2 days or so.

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I used to have the same problems...4 on one end are drenched, while the others are are parched..
I switched to using a turkey baster..each little pellet gets a drink...and use distilled or rain water...if you use tap water, let it sit for about a day before using it.
Depending on where you have the pellets, ya, they can get dry in a day or so.

Happy Gardening

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

That's a good idea atascosa about the turkey baster but wouldn't a little bit of chlorine in the water prevent molds and fungus?

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Don't feel alone...sometimes we all run into problems.
Although, bone dry doesn't sound right.
It may be possible that the tray is not on a level surface.
Also if the clear plastic lid isn't snug on the tray it can dry out faster than you expect.
Of course it may be too hot where you have them.
We're always have a room thermometer, turkey baster and have a large plastic pitcher
of room temperature water available when we start seeds.

Hope this helps.

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I can't see the clorine in the water hurting seedlings, but if that is your concern chances are letting it sit for a day or so will not help, most of the types of clorine compounds they use these days are much more stable, and DO NOT evaporate out of the water...

As for helping with fungus... not a chance! at least not in my experiance. I use a anti fungal product called "No Damp" and it works like a charm, although it smells aweful! I once dumped a bottle in my kitchen and it took 6 weeks to get this sickly hospital like smell out of the air (seeped behind the cabinets, no hope of scrubbing). That said, I have heard many on this board recommend I believe Camomile tea as a natural anti fungal... I am going to try that next! much better smelling!!

I agree though, sounds like your room is too warm. May be too though that the plants are getting too big for just the pellets. I love my pellets, they let me keep the peace with my husband as they cut down on the mess. However when I water them, I hold the tray and bend it in all directions to encourage even watering. then I sit it down, and about 10 minutes later, pour off any excess water.

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Try starting w/ wet soil, I put mine in a bucket and mix it up like a mud pie, then put it in the pellets. If the soil isn't wet when you set the seeds, it is hard to keep it consistant when growing. I do this when I buy bedding plants,veggies etc. from the greenhouses as well. I always plant in wet soil.

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

I soak jiffy pellets over night in a bowl or bucket.
Next day they are sopping wet to sow seeds.

I have trick that works well on jiffy pellets and peat pots.
I take either newspaper or a paper towel and line the bottoms of the trays, when you bottom water that wicks the water.
I don't have to worry about drying out of either.

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